Monday, July 2, 2012


A girl husks corn in a field on the Salonika Kozani Road, Microghouzi
A hunter lies under an olive tree on the island of Crete
A maid of Candia poses in costume
A man in national costume smokes a waterpipe, Crete
A man poses in the national costume of Crete
A muleteer stands in the woods in Crete
A peddler with his wares passes through the village, Gastouri, Corfu
A woman in traditional Greek dress knits sitting outside her home, Aivali
A woman poses in the national costume of Crete
A woman sits in a chair in Anogia, the presumed home of the God Zeus, Crete
A woman works outside her home in Crete
Actress in peasant dress from Thessaly
Artist from Mt. Athos stands next to painting of Saint Nicholas
Girls stand on a stairway of a house in a Greek fishing village, Benizze, Corfu
Peasant women, Delphic Festival
Prior and his monk stand next to well at Europulus monastery, Corfu
Three women pose with children on stone steps, Corfu
Three women sit and do needlework, Crete
Turkish refugees dry corn near site of Pella in the Macedonian plain
Two women with baskets used for gathering olives during harvest, Deka, Corfu
Women and girls in the garden of a country home, Deka, Corfu
Women filter water taken from riverside pools to use for drinking, near Jugoslavian Frontier
Young woman sitting in a garden of flowers, Corfu
Images by Maynard Owen Williams / Wilhelm Tobien